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A long time from now, in a star system very far from here, the worlds we know are in upheaval and there are great disruptions in the life forces that flow through their inhabitants. There is unrest as dark forces conspire to control, exploit, and suppress free peoples in every corner of the galaxy.

You are a cunning, yet humble hero - one of many scattered across the stars. Your origins are innocuous, though you’ve never forgotten where you come from - and the struggle your family and friends faced there. You didn’t know how, but you knew you’d do what you could to make things right.

Space Wizards is a sci-fi space opera taking its most obvious cues from the Star Wars series, with flashes of some peripherally related media such as Firefly, Star Trek, Dune, Farscape, etc. Players inhabit heroes who travel across to worlds plagued by trouble, attempting to help out in whichever way makes the most sense to them.

This PDF is 11-pages and includes the rules for play, character creation, and a sample world to run your first game.

The character sheet is a modified version of an AGON aid created entirely by Martín Cerón R. I've just reskinned it and all original credits are included in the sheet linked from the document.


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Hello, Justin. I noticed you used my online AGON sheet as the base for the character sheet in this game. I'd appreciate it if you mentioned me as the author in the credits.

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I'm so glad you found me - I couldn't figure out where the original sheet came from! Would you like to be credited by your name as it's written here? Martín Cerón R? Is there a link to any of your work I can include? Thanks for getting in touch!


The latest version includes a Credits sheet:


Leaving that in is enough for the digital version.

Martín Cerón R. is right, and a link to my own itch profile would be nice.



Perfect, I've added that tab to the Space Wizards sheet and also mentioned on this page that you've created it, with a link to your itch page.

Thanks so much!